• Shoshana 21 months ago

    Hi Jake,
    I enjoyed your reflections on this reading. I would like to hear more of your answers–how you make sense of these distinctions? How do you now see the family vs. the political? What activities are meant for the political space and what must be preserved for the non-political space? What is the difference between individuality and equality? For example in your references in the video, what do you see as the kinds of activities that are more productive when insulated or removed from the political sphere? There are lots of examples that come to my mind that involve science, religion, lifestyle. For example, the science on global warming should not be subjected to the political sphere. Religious thinking and choice should not be in the domain of the political. Is this how you see it? what else?

    You have picked out a couple of interesting quotes. I am interested in hearing more about what you learned overall from this reading. How does it build on the earlier section you read? What other linkages do you see between Arendt’s analysis and your own contemporary experience?

  • Jake 21 months ago

    @Shoshana, Perhaps I should do a video about trying to interrelate my points and ideas? I could do a segment in which I relate my ideas back to the reading etc..

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