• Shoshana 21 months ago

    Hi Jake, for some reason I could not view this video. Can you check into it?

  • Jake 21 months ago

    Sorry about that! Should be fixed!

  • Shoshana 21 months ago

    Hi again…I really enjoyed your video… I am intrigued with the question of applicability. If Arendt is describing essential features of “the political” then her analysis should apply, despite the lapse of time and technological change. Perhaps that is a test of how deep and essential her analysis is. That’s why it might be worth doing what you suggested, trying to really get into her point of view to see if the fundamental analysis remains relevant. I’ll be interested to see how your thoughts develop.

    I am also intrigued by what you say about the common good. I think perhaps politics does serve the common good, despite it’s wackiness or some bad bad policies, in the following way: If we didn’t have a legitimate political process that we all abide by, we would have to be armed and ring our homes with razor wire. We would have to make our own law and order–be vigilantes–in order to have some kind of protection and stability. Sometimes we don’t like the particular policies that our politics brings forth. But as long as the system abides by the fundamental rules of the Constitution and Bill of Rights–the foundations of political authority–then it acts in our common interests by simply enduring so that we can continue to fight for the values and leaders we think represent the best course of action for our society. We win some. We loose some. But the fact that the system remains in place no matter what–that’s what guarantees our freedom. What do you think?

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