One Nation Under Ignorance

What does Obama’s support of gay marriage mean for our country? With North Carolina against giving same sex couples the right to marry, where does this leave us? We are now becoming a country divided by a singular issue, an issue that overarches same sex marriage. The issue that our country is now divided by is human rights. Will we be able to live with ourselves if we become a country that denies its citizens basic rights? The major theme is division. Political, religious, and fundamentalist ideologies are creeping into our daily lives and taking more control then the 21st century should allow. Instead of wasting our time fighting about who has a better religion, who was born in this country, and who slept with what secretary, can we focus on something that matters? Can we fight about who is going to be getting the best teachers, schools, railways, roads, bridges, jobs, and companies? Can people fight over superior science textbooks? Can Romney and Santorum have a wrestling match, where the winner gets to teach evolutionary sciences in the classroom and the loser has to take notes? Can people fight for who gets the right to teach their kids the basic levels of mathematics? Can we want to repair our world?

The ultimate question is “can we work together?”. Right now, I don’t think we can. Our country is divided. Maybe we aren’t divided evenly, or in plain sight. But we are divided: intellectual versus non-intellectual, those with goals and those without, those who see hope in the world and those who have given up, those who will stop at nothing to win and those who will crouch down and give there fellow human a leg up. Obama has only made this distinction in our country one morsel clearer. Only drawn the line a little darker. After all, we are human. We will always have differences. The one  thing we should all share as Americans is the ability to work together.

Sometimes I feel that the best way to deal with the issues in our country is to be like Sacha Baron Cohen. He is on a mission to rid us of the ignorance and stupid mentalities our country holds so dear. As a fan of his I have learned his work is not always pretty, but it still makes me feel good to know that he sees the world for as screwed up as it really is. In the end, he always makes me laugh.



  • Shoshana 21 months ago

    Jake, I love the spirit of your latest post. If we can wake more people up to the fact that: we are being manipulated and distracted by stuff that doesn’t matter so that we don’t dwell on the stuff that really DOES matter—well then these manipulators will loose their audience. You are on to the sly art of political manipulation now fueled by billionaires and their PACS. Still, it takes each individual to see through the smog to the facts of the case. With voices like yours reaching out to ignite other voices and more awareness, I still put my bet on the power of the people to defeat manipulation…eventually.

  • Thomas Steele-Maley 21 months ago

    Jake a good post! My apologies for the delay in response. This is clear writing on moral issues of our times. I would be interested in knowing what you might lean on for hope in the writings of Rousseau or Arendt You ask “Can we want to repair our world”….what does this take? Can we do it without the politics that are “creeping into our lives” as you mention….or are you i favor of action toward politics? Why are we fighting and what is ideology? Look forward to your thoughts here.

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