What is going on with the state of North Carolina?

“Man is free, but everywhere he in chains,” especially in North Carolina this week. The amendment stating that “marriage between one man and one women is the only domestic legal union that be valid or recognized in this state” passed 61 to 39 percent. This, along with the endorsement of gay marriage by both Biden and Obama this week, puts the nation at a crossroads. The traditional and religious views in the state of North Carolina are simply too strong to be overruled. What does this mean for the rest of the southern states? It is not inconceivable that Obama could find himself at odds with the southern half of our nation, fighting over the human rights of our LGBT citizens—a noble fight, and one that I hope Obama will win.

Rick Santorum appeared on the Jay Leno show, where Jay Leno asked him if the worst thing in the world to him was “two gay men using contraception, holding a baby, and smoking.” Rick Santorum, a man who could have been president of our country, easily must have rejoiced this week as the North Carolina bill passed. Although the point that Santorum makes about a whole family, and the importance of both a mother and father figure in a child’s life can be seen as legitimate, Leno’s rebuttal that a gay couple adopting a child is a better situation then an orphanage makes even more sense.

The most interesting thing that struck me this week is the conversation on the radio. Most days I will tune into the Sirius XM Hip/Hop station Shade45, a brainchild of Rapper Eminem. I have been a caller on this show, and one program I frequent is the “All Out Show” with Rude Jude and Lord Sear. The insights into society, our nation, and a different culture always captivate me. This conversation of gay rights was discussed the other day on the All Out Show, as well as this morning on the early show “Sway in the Morning”. Each one of these programs ruled heavily in favor of letting gay people do “what ever the f*** they want”. “If gay people want to enter into the hell of marriage, go right ahead!” The support of gay marriage and the rights of gay citizens was powerful and inspiring. And the amazing thing is that a majority of the callers who are calling in agree with these views.

The All Out Show this week discussed the North Carolinian Pastor, Sean Harris, who was recently audio taped exclaiming that parents must “beat the gay” out of their children. The response of the All Out Show? The one thing you would never expect. Rude Jude spoke to me through the radio, explaining how it is not possible to “beat the gay” out of one’s child. He went on to explain how if you beat your son or daughter for acting gay, they will grow up to hate themselves, and have a wife and family and inevitably they will be miserable. The response on the show was the complete opposite taken by this Reverend. When the first caller calls up and explains how if his son acted like a girl he would “whoop his ass”, Rude Jude’s response was to call it the biggest piece of ignorance he has ever heard. Is this really what we have come to as a country? Don’t we know something is wrong when the satellite rap stations speak more truth then our own state governments? Perhaps we should elect Rude Jude as North Carolina’s new Governor.

How can we be proud of ourselves as a society when we cannot accept others, but instead have to make them second class citizens? I truly believe that only those who are filled with self-confidence, knowledge, and are comfortable in their person can truly accept our LGBT community. I personally know gay individuals, I know children who have same sex parents, and let me tell you, I salute everyone of those people. But most of all, I salute you, Shade45.


  • Shoshana 21 months ago

    I love your post. I honor your values, and I loved the way you wove together so many perspectives and levels of analysis. You are a a born columnist! Bravo!

  • Thomas Steele-Maley 21 months ago

    Excellent insight here. Especially rich around the point “Don’t we know something is wrong when the satellite rap stations speak more truth then our own state governments?” This reminds me of Arendt (ed. Kohn, 2005) speaking of Socrates and statesman, “If we wanted to define, traditionally the one outstanding virtue of a statesman, we could say it consists in understanding the greatest possible number and variety of realities…. in being able to communicate between the citizens and their opinions so that commonness of this world becomes apparent” (p.18)

    Thank you for this post.

  • Jake 21 months ago

    @Thomas Thank you! And yes, I feel the same way and see the same relation to Arendt.

  • Jake 21 months ago

    @Shoshana Thank you so much! I will definitely enjoy doing this every week.

  • Josh Hodgdon 21 months ago

    This post was absolutely excellent. What really caught my attention was this line, “How can we be proud of ourselves as a society when we cannot accept others, but instead have to make them second class citizens?” I am a student and I see this as a statement that needs to be shared more vastly across the world. It’s statements like this that can remove of all ridicule and hate in the world. Very great post!!!

  • Jake 21 months ago

    @Josh Thank you so much! Im so glad to have other students commenting and agreeing with my work. I truly feel we can make a difference by spreading our work and staying active. That line resonates with me too, when we don’t allow citizens simple rights we are truly degrading them.

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