A Learning Ecology Framework

The visionary approach to learning embodied in an integrated and integrative curricular core will be intensified through eLearning. This nexus between highly student centric curriculum and eLearning will provide the learning community with a new learning ecology. This ecology will further the IGCC vision as it allows young people and their communities both local and global to connect in authentic and effective and exciting ways.

eLearning systems

A project based and collaboration rich Cloud Learning Environment that features Mahara, Project Foundry, and Elluminate enable our learning spaces to have a flexible system to work within the institute’s many project based learning endeavors. Throughout the first year of operations and then on a continual basis, the whole community of Global Civ will find and validate new eLearning tools for the proliferation of our learning spaces. This integrative process will allow for young people to use and develop the technologies they see as integral to their learning.


IGCC’s learning ecology will provide the frameworks necessary to utilize mLearning in expansive ways. Mobile Learning using, iPhones, netbooks, and other portable tools will take learning in highly dynamic situations to a new level.