Our Programs

Institute for Global Civic Culture (2009-2011)

IGCC was a non profit organization founded by Thomas Steele-Maley which supported the ideation, research, development and deployment of new learning ecologies. Focused on the individual and our interconnected world, the institute had a vision of uniting young people throughout the world through rigorous, socially relevant and collaborative learning spaces. Beyond research, the Institute launched a new educational ecology, The Global Civ Pilot program.

GlobalCiv (2010-2013)

Global Civ outlasted the Institute as a multi-year design-based research project and learning partnership between Thomas Steele-Maley Shoshana Zuboff/ and Jake and Jim Maxmin (d.2017).


New in almost every way, Global Civ is a learning partnership between individual learners, mentors, and organizations from around the world. In its first year pilot program, an individual learner based in Midcoast Maine will co-design a rigorous program of study with mentors in all academic disciplines and partner with Marine Scientists, Indigenous leaders, organic farmers, historians, authors, and other learners from North America New Zealand and Africa.

Global Civ will operate year round on a block schedule that will feature interdisciplinary and eventually integrated curriculum that is flexible to learner needs and travel requirements. Mentors who are specialists and generalists work directly with students in the planning process for each block and have appropriate time to develop rigorous and standards based independent curriculum that is relevant, applied, and personalized.
Through project based eLearning, individuals co-create powerful learning experiences for themselves and with other young people around the world. Individual learners are responsible for creating a dynamic record of their learning process with ePortfolios and they connect with the world through a system of web based project management|collaboration, mobile learning, and web conferencing.

Leveraging Local and International Partners.

Global Civ will leverage local and international partners to tailor the learning experience to the learner. The outcome will be the construction of interesting, relevant, and applied learning spaces that scaffold knowledge and skills acquisition while also promoting the analysis and synthesis of information. Global Civ will promote the critical thinking skills necessary to solve the 21st centuries toughest problems. Partners will include other learners from North America and around the world, farmers, marine biologists, artists, web designers, international business people, United Nations Officials, researchers, writers and more.

Project Pods

Individual learners will link into learning communities both locally and internationally to work on social, economic, and environmental issues that span cultures, polities and systems.

Problem Solving ~ Accountability ~ Rigor

Focused on the identification and framing of relevant “problems”, Global Civ learners are responsible for their learning and accountable for the outcomes that will define their understanding of a broad range of knowledge domains, their local communities and the world. Global Civ will meet internationally recognized standards*.

A Vision

IGCC has a vision to make high quality learning cost effective and available to individuals around the world. We will be a learning catalyst for global leaders both young and adult  from all backgrounds working together to meet the challenges of the 21st century and a word without borders.

More Details

Thank you for your interest in the work of IGCC and our Pilot Program Global Civ.  Contact us for more information or to find out about international partnership possibilities.