2010-2011 Summer Program

Global Civ: Summer Block 2010

North American Experience Core (NAE)

NAE: Reading and Writing with a Generational Perspective

Summer Block: June 21-August 21

Standards Targeted: The Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts ISTE:NETS: Students

DESCRIPTION: Intergenerational reading group to aid in building foundation for the North American Experience core to be taken 2010-2011. A reading group leveraging a selection of multidiciplinary texts will allow for deeper exploration of the works, the context they arise from and the implications they had for their times. Participants from across the age span will allow for discussion to have wider variety of perspectives and broader awareness. This summer only group can reconvene during the year as a fluid group to discuss works that support work in the North American Experience Core.

PARTICULARS: The Fellow will choose from a selection of books suggested by the block Mentor. These books are meant to be fun, engaging and should provide a solid foundation for the North American Experiences Block.

BOOKS: No fewer than 2 and, no more than 4 of the following titles are to be chosen by the Fellow (if the Fellow is interested in other works not present on the list they may add them after a conversation with their project mentor). Books are to be picked and ordered no later than June 12 2010.  Book group participants will need to be informed of your choices in advance of agreeing to participate.  Plan ahead!

LIST: Twain: Huck Finn, Leopold: Sand County Almanac**, Murray: Proud Shoes, Stearn: Ishi’s Brain*, Sarris: Mabel McKay: Weaving the Dream *, Carson: Silent Spring**, Thoreau: Walden (or exerpts from. . . ),  Steinbeck: Grapes of Wrath, Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby, A Poetry Anthology: (Dickinson, Frost, Whitman, Cummings, Angelou ….), Tempest-Williams: The Open Space of Democracy, Blackhawk: Life of Blackhawk.

PARTICIPANTS: No fewer than 4 book group members, no more than 10 (remembering that not everyone will make it to every gathering) to be chosen by the Fellow and if needed with assistance from the block mentor.

WRITING: During the summer reading block you will be responsible for analyzing the chosen readings, and offering some ideas about how they inform our understanding of the past.  To do this, you will consider what historical, literary or philosophical insights the source offers and how it ties into important themes for the NAE Block.  The written artifact “form” will be determined by the Fellow with consultation from the block mentor. Possible forms (encouraged): Question Driven Blog: the Fellow identifies questions and reflects on the reading, Mahara Group Forum. You will co-construct this framework with your mentor and inform the reading group of your intentions prior to starting the block.

* Fulfills NAE Indigenous North America source requirement
** Fulfills NAE Environmental History source requirement

Participants (profiles will be updated by 21 June 2010)

Gertrude: 96

Lisa: 37

Vaughn: 70

Jake: 15

Book List:

Carson, R. (2002) Silent Spring: Fortieth Anniversary Edition. Boston: First Mariner Books. (Preferred copy but all editions are welcome).

Russo, R. (2007) Bridge of Sighs. New York: Vintage.

QR: Geometry

Summer Block: June 21-August 21

Standards Targeted: The Common Core state standards for Mathematics, ISTE:NETS: Students

Project Partner: Vaughn

DESCRIPTION: Geometry will develop a students’ reasoning and visual thinking skills and prepare them to study more complex mathematics. This IGCC summer block will complete the requirement for geometry at the secondary level.

PARTICULARS: An individually designed program.   Use of geometric and modeling software meets ISTE and STEM standards.

Service Project: Minimum 10 Hours

Summer Block: June 21-August 21

Standards Targeted: NYLC Service Learning Standards, ISTE:NETS: Students

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