Growing my Network

After reading Steven Downes remix of Steven Covey’s Seven habits of highly connected people I dedicated to put out a call for networked help in growing my research and communication community online. I am a young person looking for others blogging about the foundations of political thought.  My project overview is here:
I am reaching out to you all hoping  for help to find blogs, video and other media from young people  that I can read and comment on.  Any Ideas?
Thank you for your help and look forward to seeing you in network!


  • Mike Gwaltney 21 months ago

    My students blog regularly, or periodically for particular projects.

    Age of Exploration: (Modern World History, 10th grade) –

    U.S. History Research Seminar (11th grade) –

    Global Issues (10th-12th grade mix, fully online course) –

    AP U.S. Government (11th-12th grade mix, fully online course, just beginning blog) –

    Find me @MikeGwaltney to discuss. Good luck with the blogging.


  • David Loitz 21 months ago

    We have a handful of new youth bloggers at the Cooperative Catalyst and more joining! Just this week we had at least 4 posts by students. Please comment on them, it helps to deepen the conversation.

    David Loitz
    Co-editor Cooperative Catalyst
    Active Member since 2010

  • Chloe Maxmin 21 months ago

    I can try and get you into a Facebook group called YCAN (Youth Creating Action Network). It’s a national network of 300 students working on a variety of issues…it’s really vibrant and active. There may be some other students blogging about similar things. Let me see what I can do!

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